Onboarding new software developers

Thu, 13 Feb 2020 19:00 - 21:00

Morgan McKinley

東京都港区虎ノ門5-11-2 オランダヒルズ森タワー17階


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For a new developer joining your team, there's a lot for them to get up to speed on: the development workflow, the company culture, the codebase itself, the coding standards, and so on. A good onboarding process can quickly turn new hires into productive members of your organization. But it can also be challenging to figure out how much to invest in perfecting the process, especially in the face of an ever evolving organization. At this event, we'll hold a round table discussion about the successes and challenges we've faced with onboarding new software developers.

Who this event is for

Whatever your job title is, be it CTO, head of engineering, lead developer, or something else, you're the top technical person in your organization. While you once spent most of your time coding, these days you're consumed with things like hiring developers, communication with other stakeholders, and improving processes. Because this event is based around peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, we ask you only participate if you're in such a position. If you're unsure whether this event is for you, please get in touch with us first.


Time Activity
7:00pm Doors open
7:15pm Introductions
7:30pm Round table discussion
9:00pm Event ends

As this event is a round table discussion, please arrive by 7:15pm so that we can properly introduce you to the other participants. If you're unavoidably late, the front door of the venue is locked by 8pm, and so if you arrive after that, you'll not be able to get in.


Paul McMahon is the representative director of Doorkeeper Inc. He also runs the tokyodev, a job board that helps Japanese companies find talented international developers.

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